Willpower Girl — A Teenager’s Trek Through Cancer

130 kr.

Mette De Fine Licht.

Mette is 16 years old when her life is turned upside down. What seemed to be just a normal knee pain turns out to be something else. From one day to the other, she goes from being a cheerful, active teenager to having a rare type of cancer. The same cancer, that took Ted Kennedy, Jr.’s leg many years ago. A Ewing’s Sarcoma.

As Mette’s friends jubilantly make their way through high school, she struggles with chemo, nausea, and the most terrible thing she can imagine, being bald. To avoid looking like someone who is ill, she does everything possible: buys a wig, attends class, tries with all her might to live a normal teenage life. But midway through her yearlong treatment, her worst nightmare comes true.

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